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Highly Durable Coating

Keep your vehicle looking new by adding a layer of our nano ceramic polymer coating for added protection and to keep that brand new luster. These highly cross-linked coatings are tested and proven to last beyond two years on your car's surface thanks to nano ceramic technology.

Gloss Protection

  • Corrosion

  • Road De-Icing Materials

  • Hard Water Spots

  • UV Damage

  • Paint Over Spray (From Newly Painted Road Lines)

  • Acid Rain

  • Bird Droppings

  • Tree Sap

  • Insects

  • Aerosol Spray Paint

You can now improve your car's gloss and protect your vehicle from the different environmental factors that often affects its resale value. Nano ceramic polymer coating has also been shown to withstand

over 100 passes through a commercial car wash tunnel.

Improves Gloss Up To 10%

Two Year Guaranteed Protection!


Ceramic Paint Coating

Nano ceramic polymer coating reacts to form

a new ceramic clear coat over your existing

one to protect your car against:

Ceramic Paint Coating
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