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How Is This Damaged Removed?

A paint correction was once called a “Cut & Polish”. Abrasives incorporated into compounds and polishes literally “Cut” a fine layer of paint off the vehicle until damage is removed and a fresh undamaged layer of paint is reached. The newly exposed paint is then “Polished” to a high shine.


A paint correction is a very sensitive process and requires a high skill level to achieve properly. The clear coat layer is only 1.5 – 2 mils thick. 1 mil = .001 inch. As a reference point a straight course human hair is .003 inch. Your clear coat is literally less thick than a human hair. A technician is working on a very thin finite soft layer. One misstep and a technician will damage the paint to the point where a panel will have to be painted. A technician must learn which tool, polishing pads, products to use to remove damage. In addition, each one of those tools, polishing pads, and products requires different machine speeds, pressure, hand speed, and technique. There are basic principles, after that each detailer develops his own preference of tools and techniques. For example, think of a guitar. There are a finite number of strings but there is unlimited creativity within the given parameters.


Many waxes and polishes are created with “fillers” incorporated. These fillers cover up imperfections without truly removing the damage. Your paint system is improved for a short amount of time until fillers wear away and damage reveals itself again. Then the process is repeated.


“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence … for Nature cannot be fooled.”




Nobel prize winner widely regarded as the father of modern nanotechnology.

Nature cannot be fooled; the leather boots of an American Soldier during World War II got wet with rain and mud. Reality takes precedence, and the soggy boots contradict their original purpose. Thus was born a successful technology; human imagination stretched beyond reality, applied itself to seek greater understanding, and the discovery of a particularly novel polymeric resin as a waterproofing agent was the result.


Successful commercialization and utilization of the invented resin would not occur until a generation later, when its physical characteristics of superior adhesion and hardness could be imparted to ceramified materials and glass composites. One progeny of this discovery is the family of coating chemistries called Matrix Micro-Coatings and its subsequent acquisition by the company Feynlab®. Early hybrid applications of the original polymeric resin, to promote adhesion and cross-linking between thermoset materials, proved so successful it nearly precluded further exploration of the uses of the polymeric resin. In addition, skepticism of academic researchers discouraged the pursuit of other applications incorporating the resin chemistry, particularly in environments that require room temperature cure. Thus, due in part to its own success, and incomplete assumptions, development of the resin to produce hand-applied micro-coatings for the purpose of vehicle finish and protection, has only recently emerged for commercial use.


Only through a particularly imaginative approach, substantiated by real world successes, the resin’s polymeric formations have been expanded and strengthened by Matrix Micro Coatings. These formulations are for room temperature applications to protect automotive and aviation paint, plastic and metal finishes against atmospheric and environmental pollutants. The coating formations provide protection from a wide range of invasive elements such as oxidizing culprits or corrosive synthetic fluids. After several years of field evaluations on nearly every type of vehicle, from 727 aircraft to road tractors and tankers, the coatings have demonstrated physical and chemical properties of exceptional adhesion and chemical inertness. So much so, it can be fairly stated that the properties of our coatings are similar to those obtained in the manufacture of ceramic and composite hybrids.


Indeed, Feynlab®, and its acquisition of the Matrix Micro-Coatings technology, represents the culmination of one polymer’s odyssey. From the birth of a product through innovative molecular chemistry, conceived during a time of vital necessity, to its maturation as the parent of a family of commercial products for use in the enhancement and protection of automotive, marine and aircraft finishes, Feynlab® offers you the possibility of having a car with a coating that is better than what it had when it came from the factory.


As Richard Feynman so famously pointed out in his 1959 seminal lecture at Caltech, “there is plenty of room…” At Feynlab® we believe there is more than plenty of room for human imagination to innovate and create new technologies which enhance and improve our interrelation to nature. It is that which has inspired our line of products and it is that which powers our future projects. We know because we have been there, as the first manufacturer of ceramic coating was performed in our labs.


CERAMIC LITE     (pricing starts at $350 – 1 year warranty)

Feynlab® Ceramic Lite - This coating provides customers with a cost effective solution to paint protection.  After coating, the vehicle is protected from environmental damage from bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, and UV.  Along with added scratch resistance, you get a smooth, hydrophobic surface with increased gloss over just the clear coat alone.  Great for leased vehicles. s.


Pricing Starts at $350 – 1 Year Warranty

What Is A True Paint Correction?

Modern paint systems are fairly soft and susceptible to damage. This damage quickly diminishes the appearance of your paint system. Damage is incurred from many different factors to include pollution, acid rain, hard water, salt, chemicals on the road, cheap rags, faulty detailing, etc.

CERAMIC     (pricing starts at $600 – 3 year warranty )

Feynlab® Ceramic contains more solids than Ceramic Lite, offering longer lasting and higher protection.  The lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride, and silicon-carbide create a high level of scratch resistance, gloss, and hydrophobicity.  Customers will enjoy these benefits while making cleaning and maintaining the vehicle a breeze.


Pricing Starts at $600 – 3 Year Warranty

CERAMIC PLUS     (pricing starts at $900 - 5 year warranty)

Feynlab® Ceramic Plus is the perfect marriage between our Self Healing technology, and our ultra-durable Ceramic technology.  CERAMIC PLUS maintains the thickness and protection aspect of CERAMIC, while incorporating 40% of self healing capabilities for light scratches and micro marring.  While some deeper scratches, which may not completely recover, but they will be much more noticeable and almost undetectable on lighter colored paints.  Additionally, Ceramic Plus still provide similar heat resistance, high gloss, hydrophobic and easy cleaning properties which Ceramic is known for.  


Pricing Starts at $900 - 5 Year Warranty


Not Yet Available


Not Yet Available

TEXTILE COATING     (pricing starts at $200 )

FEYNLAB® TEXTILE COATING is a hybrid silica/fluoro textile coating developed specifically for durability as well as oleo (oil) and hydro-phobicity. It makes ordinary fabrics waterproof and extemely easy to clean. Use it to prevent staining, soaking or rotting on any fabric, from your car’s soft-top to it’s cloth seats, carpets and floor mats.


Pricing Starts at $200

LEATHER TREATMENT     (pricing starts at $150)

FEYNLAB® LEATHER TREATMENT is a nano-ceramic infused leather conditioner and cleaner. It stands somewhere between a gentle leather cleaner, a traditional leather conditioner and a modern leather coating. The pH balanced cleaners gently lift and remove embedded dirt, oil and stains, while the ceramified conditioners penetrate deep into the pores of the leather to prevent premature aging. The ceramified conditioners restore and maintain your leather’s natural moisture balance without adding any cheap, greasy silicon residue of lesser leather products. Your leather will be left looking, feeling and smelling new and most importantly protected from UV degradation, drying, cracking and minor staining.


Pricing Starts at $150

A proper paint correction is the only way to truly “FIX” clear coat damage.

Paint correction Paint correction Paint correction


The primary purpose of all nanotechnology based coatings is to add protection to paint systems from environmental contaminants, UV rays, chemicals, salt, etc. Without protection paint systems dull and deteriorate rapidly.  In addition, nanotechnology based protective coatings increase gloss and Distinction of Image, DOI. DOI is measured to characterize the visual appearance of polished high-gloss surfaces such as automotive car finishes beyond the capabilities of gloss

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